About Us

COLEMAN Rail & Track Solutions Pty Ltd is owned and operated by Craig and Vivienne Coleman. Their office is located in Sarina, Queensland (just south of Mackay).


Craig and Vivienne originally opperated under the business name C & V Coleman Constructions which later changed to COLEMAN Rail & Track Solutions Pty Ltd


Craig and Vivienne have travelled throughout Australia whilst involved in the Rail Construction Industry for the past fifteen years. Craig has a history of Rail Construction within his family and has worked on many large projects.


Craig has extensive experience in welding (Aluminothermic/Thermit) rail from working on sites and is fully qualified to complete both Thermit and Railtech processes for any size rail including Crane Rail, Main Line Rail and Tram Rail. We have recently completed a number of crane and stacker reclaimer rail installations and upgrades throught Australia; both on and offshore, a number of these were completed in shut down conditions and had strict time restraints.


We have a competent team on hand to better service the needs of your clients including: ticketed competent welders, a consultent Engineer. COLEMAN Crane Rail will service all of our contracts with a commitment to safety, communication and quality construction.