Thermit Welding (Aluminothermic)

  • Our competent welders are trained in both Thermit Process and Railtech Process.
  • Ticketed to weld Crane Rail, Main Line and Tram Line.
  • Available to complete ON/OFF shore, ABOVE/BELOW ground.


Industrial Grouting

  • Sole Plate Grouting
  • Foundation Supports


 Crane Rail Installation

  • Installation of Stacker and Reclaimer Tracks
  • Ship Loaders
  • Tripper Rails
  • Grantry and Mill Rails
  • ON and OFF Shore Rails
  • Underground and Above Ground Rail
  • Expansion Projects and Upgrades
  • Maintenance


Emergency Rail Repairs

  • Shutdown Capabilities Australia Wide
  • Joint Repairs
  • Maintenance Shutdowns

Please contact us for further information on the services we can provide for your future track works.